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Cost Control Techniques

The principals of our firm are directly involved in all phases of our projects. We have a good idea of construction cost and what makes some details and construction techniques more expensive than others.

We review the cost many times throughout the design process. We compare these costs to past projects, use national construction cost criteria and have a contractors estimator review our estimates.

We prepare a very detailed set of construction documents, which provides all contractors bidding the job the necessary information to get the best bids possible and also helps eliminate unnecessary change orders. We also require weekly job meetings during the construction period with representatives of all the major prime contractors and also the Owner’s representative. This allows us to review the construction as a team and review any concerns that could possibly lead to potential problems.

During the Construction Phase of the project, we would represent the Owner and maintain the communications between the Owner and the contractors.

Change Orders                                                                                                   Change Orders which are not Owner requests typically range between 1/2% to 1-1/2% of the total construction cost.

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